Your original cylinder becomes part of the swap pool and you take ownership of the next cylinder received

Yes, you must swap your cylinder with another from the swap centre pool. Swap centres do not have the ability to refill cylinders on site. You still own the cylinder.

Yes, you own the cylinder and are free to sell it.  Please advise us if you do, so we can keep a record of the owner

No problem. If the cylinder you bring in is out of test and was supplied by us, we will swap it. Eziswap gas maintains and tests the swap cylinders as required

Absolutely. Any size cylinder can be swapped for a different gas of the same size. For example,DCO2 can be swapped for aDoxygen for the price of the gas only. If you wish to upgrade the size of the cylinder, you are able to do this also.

To enter the swap system you must purchase an approved cylinder from eziswap gas. We can look at bringing in other customer-owned cylinders if they are compatible with our cylinders. We review this on a case by case basis. 

No, eziswap gas is 100% independently New Zealand owned and operated

Yes. You only need to pay the standard cost difference between the empty smaller and full larger cylinders.