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Customer owned gas cylinders

EZiSwap Gas, the nationwide industrial gas swap system. We have a range of gases, mixes and cylinder sizes, including Acetylene, Argon, CO2, Nitrogen and Oxygen. Just purchase a cylinder online or from one of our Swap Centres across New Zealand and you’re good to go. No rental fees, contracts, administration fees, testing or low usage charges. Swap the cylinder when empty and pay only for the price of the gas. No delay because there are pre-filled gas cylinders waiting for you. The full cylinder is yours until it’s swapped again. We have welding gas, hospitality gas, and more.

EZiSwap Gas – Industrial Gas Swap System is Nation Wide.

Click here to FIND AN EZiSwap Gas CENTRE to locate your nearest outlet. There should be one near you.  More EZiSwap Gas Centres are opening on a regular basis. We supply; Argon, Argon/Co2 mixes, Oxygen, Acetylene, Nitrogen, Co2 and Nitrogen/Co2 mixes. No proof of ownership is required. Just bring your empty EZiSwap cylinder and receive a full one for the price of the gas. The EZiSwap system has no rental or other hidden fees, you can sell the cylinder when no longer required. No waiting for refills with the EZiSwap System. Have you experienced any delays in having your non EZiSwap cylinder filled? Stories filter through to us of days and even weeks for gas refills. You don’t want downtime reducing your workflow like that. At EZiSwap Gas you can simply swap on the spot for the price of the gas.

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EZiSwap Gas

  • Swap and pay for the gas only
  • No rental or lease fees
  • No contracts
  • No administration fees
  • No low use charges
  • No waiting for a fill
  • We take care of the testing

B Sized Cylinder

  • Lightweight and high-capacity
  • Eligible for swap on the spot
  • Standard NZ valve
  • Available in argon, argon/Co2 mixes, Co2, oxygen, nitrogen
  • Available nationwide
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Kiwi Owned And Operated

The EZiSwap Gas system has over 45 Swap Centres nationwide and the number is increasing. For most industrial gas consumers this means a quick visit to your local EZiSwap Gas Centre to purchase a new cylinder or, swap on the spot for a full one.

Just give them your EZiSwap empty and immediately receive a full replacement with only the cost of the gas to pay. New Swap Centres open regularly, and one could be due to open near you. We have welding gas, hospitality gas, beverage gas and more.

Cylinder Swap Faqs

Q: What happens to the gas cylinder that I have purchased if I swap it?

A: Your original cylinder becomes part of the swap pool and you take ownership of the cylinder received

Q: Do I have to swap my cylinder? Can I just get the same one filled?

A: You don’t have to swap your cylinder, it can be refilled and returned to you but this is done in Auckland and freight charges apply

Q: Can I sell my swap cylinder if I no longer require it?

A: Yes you can. You own cylinder and are free to sell it.  Please advise us if you do so we can keep a record of the owner

Q: What happens if the test date runs out  for the cylinder while I have it?

A: No Problem. If the cylinder that you bring in is out of test and was supplied by us, we will swap it. EZiSwap Gas maintains and tests the swap cylinders as required

Q: Can I swap my cylinder for another type of gas?

A: YES.  Any size cylinder can be swapped for a different gas of the same size.  E.g. ‘D’ Co2 can be swapped for a ‘D’ oxygen for the price of the gas only

Q: Do I have to have a cylinder to swap?

A: No, but you must purchase an approved cylinder to enter the swap system

Q: Is EZiSwap Gas associated with any other industrial gas company?

A: No we are not.  EZiSwap Gas is independently owned and operated

Q: Can I upgrade my cylinder to a larger size?

A: YES. Only pay the standard cost difference between the smaller and larger cylinder