Eziswap System

Eziswap System

The eziswap gas system is designed with the user in mind, to make getting the gas you need, when you need it, as easy and affordable as possible.With more than 50 eziswap gas centres nationwide and new centres opening all the time, there will always be an eziswap gas swap centre near you. 

Buy your cylinder

Buy your first cylinder filled with the gas of your choice, either online or from one of our eziswap gas centres. Whether you need industrial gases for welding or hospitality gases for carbonation, we have you covered.

Use the gas

When you use eziswap gas, it doesn’t matter whether you use the whole cylinder in a day or over the course of a year (or more!) – because you own the cylinder, there will never be a rental fee.

Swap the cylinder

Once your cylinder is empty, come into any of our eziswap centres nationwide and swap for a full cylinder. As long as it is an Eziswap Centre, it doesn’t need to be the same centre you originally bought it from.

Our eziswap gas centres have cylinders full and ready to go, so you can swap your empty out in no time - you dont have to wait around to fill it up. If your needs have changed since your last cylinder, you can swap your empty cylinder for one filled with a different type of gas. 

While you own the cylinder, swapped cylinders form aswap pool, which means you retain ownership of a cylinder but the actual cylinder you have in your possession will change each time it is swapped. 

Pay only for the gas you use

You own the cylinder, so we only charge you for the gas that goes in it. There are no rental or lease fees, contracts, administration fees, testing or low usage charges.