Oxygen (O2) Refill Only
$9999.00 - $9999.00 excl. GST

Oxygen (O2) Refill Only

Oxygen (O2) Refill Only
$9999.00 - $9999.00 excl. GST
Available sizes: D (2.0m3) G (10.5m3)
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Gas refill for Eziswap Gas business customers. Pricing is as per your Eziswap Gas supply contract and based on the agreed estimated annual volume (EAV). Please contact us for revised pricing should your EAV change by +-25% or if you require pricing for additional cylinder sizes/gas types. Pricing is for gas refill only and includes the per cylinder delivery fee.
As low as $9,999.00

The main industrial application for oxygen is combustion efficiency - combined with a fuel gas it produces a much higher flame temperature. Commonly used as an assist gas for laser cutting mild steel.

It is also used in conjunction with acetylene for welding and LPG for brazing, glass blowing and jewellery manufacture.

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Flammable Non-Flammable
Oxidizer Yes