EZiSWAP GAS, The Industrial Gas Cylinder Swap System.

Why pay rent when you can own?

Introducing Ezi Swap Gas, the nationwide industrial gas swap system. We have a range of gases, mixes and cylinder sizes, including Acetylene, Argon, CO2, Nitrogen and Oxygen.

Just purchase a cylinder online or from one of our centres across New Zealand and you’re good to go. No rental fees, contracts, administration fees, testing or low usage charges.

Swap the cylinder when you are empty and pay only for the price of the gas. No delay because there are pre-filled gas cylinders waiting for you. The filled gas cylinder is yours until it’s swapped again.

We have welding gas, hospitality gas, food processing gas and more.

EZiSWAP GAS – Industrial Gas Swap System is Nation Wide.

Click on the FIND AN EZiSWAP GAS Centre LINK to locate your nearest outlet. We aim to make EZiSWAP GAS the best industrial and hospitality gas supply system in New Zealand for customer owned cylinders. EZiSWAP GAS Centres are opening on a regular basis. Remember, you can swap at any EZiSWAP GAS distributor nationwide.

We offer: Argon, Argon/Co2 mixes, Oxygen, Acetylene, Nitrogen, Co2, and Nitrogen/Co2 mixes. Just produce your empty EZiSWAP GAS cylinder and receive a full one for the price of the gas.

Buy Your First Cylinder

NZ Owned EZiSWAP GAS Can Save You Time And Money.

As EZiSWAP GAS industrial gas cylinder swap system has no rental fees, you can save the price equivalent of a new bottle every 2.5 years. Have you experienced any delays in having your bottle filled?

Stories filter through to us of days and even weeks for gas refills. You don’t want downtime reducing your workflow like that. At EZiSWAP GAS you can simply swap on the spot.

The EZiSWAP GAS System:

  • Swap and pay for the gas only
  • No rental or lease fees
  • No contracts
  • No administration fees
  • No low use charges
  • No waiting for a fill
  • We take care of the testing
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